What is Camerito account?

When you start using Camerito, you will be asked to create a Camerito account. Here’s everything you should know about your account:

Easy Access Everywhere

  • With a Camerito account, you can log in on any device — phone, tablet, or computer — to quickly check in on your home or office.

Everything in One Place

  • Keep It All Organized: Your cameras, video events, and settings are all under one account. This makes managing and accessing your surveillance setup straightforward.
  • Add cameras Easily: When you add a new camera, it’s automatically connected to your account, so you can view it from any of your Viewer Stations.

Stay Informed

  • Thanks to the Camerito account, we can email you about important account activities — like adding new devices or changes in your premium subscription — to keep you in the loop and for your account security.

Efficient support

  • If you need assistance, having an account means our customer support can help you more quickly and effectively.

Sign-Up options

  • You can sign up with an email, or use your Google account or Apple ID, whatever is easiest for you.
  • 💡 Note: if you use Google account sign-in, your Gmail address will be used as the Camerito account email and the email for communication, similarly with Apple ID.
    • If you choose Apple sign in and use Hide My Email for your Apple ID, a randomized email address will be used.

Managing Your Account

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