Home security in your pocket

Turn two phones, tablets, or computers into a complete security system.

Available platforms

Available on iOS and any modern web browser. Android coming soon.

Simple security for everyone

Easy to set up, easy to use. With Camerito, you have peace of mind at your fingertips.


Give your old devices a second life

Use your older phone, tablet, or computer. With Camerito, there's no need for hardware cameras. You already have everything you need to secure your home.


Watch your home live

Camerito helps you secure your home, no matter where you are. With our live video feed with automatically enhanced visibility, you'll see everything happening in your house, even at night.


Two way audio and video

Tell your kids not to have snacks on your sofa, or stop your dog from chewing on your shoes. With two-way audio and video, you can communicate from anywhere.


Noise and motion detection

Camerito detects every noise or motion in the monitored area, notifying you immediately of an unwanted guest or your children's safe return home.

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First Camerito update: What's new

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