Privacy and security

At Camerito, your privacy and security are our top priorities. We are committed to being transparent about our data storage practices and the steps we take to protect your data.


  • All communication within Camerito, including live audio and video streams, is end-to-end encrypted using industry-standard SSL to ensure your data remains private and secure.

Data Transfer

  • Live audio and video: The path of data transfer is optimized for security and efficiency. If both the Camera Station and Viewer Station are on the same Wi-Fi or LAN, data travels only within your local network. When devices are on different networks, Camerito attempts to establish the shortest direct connection possible between the devices. Only when this isn’t possible does the data route through our servers.

  • Service data: Some service and management data are routed through our servers regardless of connection type.

Data Storage

  • All data on our servers are stored securely (encrypted).

  • Service data storage: Certain service and management data are stored on our servers to synchronize settings and information across your devices under your Camerito account. This includes things like event information, action panel layouts, camera status and settings.

  • Event Storage: Recorded events are stored on our servers and are kept for a limited time1 day for free users and 21 days for Premium users, after which they are automatically deleted.

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