Motion detection

June 20, 2024


Do you find the idea of having to constantly check your home security system to see if and what has happened exhausting? What if there was a way to stay informed about movements in your home, ensuring safety without constant vigilance?

Discover how the Motion detection feature in the Camerito home security app can be the solution you've been searching for.

What is the Motion detection feature

The Motion Detection feature alerts you whenever something moves in front of your camera. It's your reliable assistant, ensuring you don't miss any important activity.

What you get with motion detection

  • Freedom: No need for constant checks! This feature keeps you informed about any movement, whether it's an unwanted guest, your children arriving home safely, or pets moving around.
  • Smart notifications: As soon as motion is detected, you get an instant notification and can check what's happening and react immediately.
  • Video records: The video of detected movement will be saved for later check.
  • Custom settings: With adjustable sensitivity, you can tailor it to your specific needs for peace of mind.


Enhance your home's security and enjoy a more restful night knowing the Motion detection feature is keeping watch for you.

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