First Camerito update: What's new

July 11, 2024


We are excited to present the first major update of the Camerito app. This update brings several key enhancements and new features that will improve your user experience. Come see what we've improved!

Video settings

Video quality

Customize the quality of your streaming video according to your needs and internet connection. If you're on the go and using limited mobile data, adjust your video quality to reduce data consumption. There are 4 levels to choose from.

Length of recording

This feature allows you to specify how far into the history you can scroll through the camera footage. A shorter record is useful if your device is running out of storage space and can improve performance on older devices. You can choose from 4 different lengths.

Video quality and length of recording

Event Management

Event menu

After long pressing an event, the event menu will now be expanded. You can share the recorded event, delete it, or if the event is still in progress, open a live video stream. Manage events quickly and easily.

Share and download

Share important moments with family, friends or security forces. Whether you need proof of a security breach or just want to share a cute video of your pet, it's now easier than ever.

Event sharing

Enhanced user interface

Variable action panel

Simply tap on the screen and you can slide the panel out or partially/fully in. The enhancement ensures quick access to the main functions of the application and, conversely, does not restrict the view when hidden.

Action panel

New navigation bar

The expanded navigation bar provides a more comfortable navigation in the application. Thanks to the tooltips, you can always get where you need to go quickly.

Old and new navigation bar

Try Camerito now and see why people love it!